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Organizing Website Content

Formatting and Folder Organization Whether your site is built on WordPress or otherwise, when delivering final content to your developer, each unique page should have a corresponding document file. The document can be in any common word processor format (we prefer...

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We’ve Moved!

  Well, sort of. We're still at 364 Main Street in Hudson, MA but we now have our own suite of rooms and a private entrance. If you ever find yourself in Hudson during business hours, please drop in.

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Happy Holidays!

It's been pretty busy here and we haven't had much of a chance to keep this area as fresh as we would like. There are some articles that we're working on and a video of our new office here in Hudson. We started out in the attic of the house, then moved to the front...

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Maintaining Your Dynamic Website

Your car, house, and most things in life, take some amount of maintenance. Add to that list your website. A website can be comprised of thousands of files working with all kinds of tools and underlying code. The days of ‘static’ websites, i.e. built with just HTML, is...

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