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When we have the task to research something and have the time to assemble it, we will put it here. In addition, current happenings here are included. If you have an idea, please let us know.

  • WordPress Maintenance Recommendations

    WordPress Maintenance Recommendations

    Web1776: October 31, 2016

    Overview Since WordPress 3.7, security updates to WordPress are downloaded and applied automatically. However, a WordPress site still needs...

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  • Photoshop Tips for Web Designers

    Photoshop Tips for Web Designers

    Web1776: April 15, 2016

    For many reasons, Photoshop has become the industry standard for website design and prototyping. Since Adobe has phased out Fireworks, their...

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  • Organizing Website Content

    Organizing Website Content

    Web1776: July 31, 2015

    Formatting and Folder Organization Whether your site is built on WordPress or otherwise, when delivering final content to your developer, e...

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  • HiDPI for the Web

    HiDPI for the Web

    Web1776: June 23, 2015

    As phones, tablets and monitors continue to achieve higher and higher screen resolutions, the need for the ability to display high resolutio...

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  • We’ve Moved!

    We’ve Moved!

    Web1776: June 2, 2015

      Well, sort of. We're still at 364 Main Street in Hudson, MA but we now have our own suite of rooms and a private entrance. If you ...

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  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays!

    Web1776: December 23, 2014

    It's been pretty busy here and we haven't had much of a chance to keep this area as fresh as we would like. There are some articles that we'...

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  • Maintaining Your Dynamic Website

    Maintaining Your Dynamic Website

    Web1776: March 21, 2014

    Your car, house, and most things in life, take some amount of maintenance. Add to that list your website. A website can be comprised of thou...

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  • 10 Things Needed to Build Your Website

    10 Things Needed to Build Your Website

    Web1776: March 21, 2014

    Here are some things to think about and describe in a project specification document so that your web developer can prepare an accurate quot...

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  • Slow Shared Hosting May Be Related to Server ‘Packing’

    Slow Shared Hosting May Be Related to Server ‘Packing’

    Web1776: December 4, 2013

    There’s no denying that some shared hosting is just slower than others, especially when the site utilizes a Content Management System, CMS...

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  • Essential Security for Websites Utilizing a CMS

    Essential Security for Websites Utilizing a CMS

    Web1776: September 4, 2013

    While a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress is developed with security in mind, practicing good security habits like those outlin...

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