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Web Development

WEB1776 is a Boston area web development company that specializes in supplying ad agencies and other web developers with WordPress subcontracting services.
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What We Do

We build WordPress websites using modern, proven and maintainable technologies.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Writing precise, stable, and well documented code is what we do best.

CMS Integration

WordPress is Our Specialty

WordPress is used as the CMS of choice on more websites than all other platforms combined.


Utility and Beauty

When needed, we can also design to add elegance to any web project.

Our Work

We have successfully completed over 2000 web projects, over 1000 of which use WordPress as the CMS.

and many more…

News & Views

What we’ve learned and what’s happening here.

Website Speed is Linked to SEO Ranking

Website Speed is Linked to SEO Ranking

Overview The loading speed of your website has always been important, but since 2021 Google has made speed performance a more important ranking factor on their search engine. Your search Google ranking is likely to suffer if it does not hit certain benchmarks for both...

When to use Gutenberg Block Editor and/or ACF Flexible Content

When to use Gutenberg Block Editor and/or ACF Flexible Content

Benefits of Gutenberg Block Editor. The editor shows what users will see There are many plugins that add additional blocks Since all page content is stored in a standard way, less effort is required to ensure that other functionality knows where to look for this...

Using WordPress with React

Using WordPress with React

There is a good bit of chatter out on the web promoting the use of React as a substitute for a website built with WordPress. Using React does make sense in certain situations, but not as a blanket solution. Below we explore this premise and some of the claims made by...


What our fees are and how to pay us

Our Pricing

We charge $80 per hour for our services and we’re experts at being able to accurately estimate what it will take to complete a project.

Information on how to pay us can be found in the Client Area.


We are in the studio Monday - Friday, 9 - 5, EST


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