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Custom Development Services

We’re experts in server side generation of PDF & Word docs, plugin development, and more.

Server-side PDF Generation

At Web1776, we offer a cutting-edge service that leverages server-side PDF generation to empower your users to create dynamic and visually captivating PDF documents right from your WordPress site. This service is perfect creating marketing materials, product data sheets, and more. By harnessing the power of server-side PDF generation, we provide you with a versatile and efficient solution that seamlessly integrates with WordPress.

Key Benefits:

  1. Dynamic Content Integration: Our server-side PDF generation service seamlessly integrates with your CMS, allowing you to pull dynamic content directly from your WordPress powered website. Whether it’s team member bios, blog posts, or any other content, we ensure that the most up-to-date information is included in your PDF documents.
  2. Customizable Layouts: We understand that every business has unique branding and design requirements. With server-side PDF generation, you have full control over the layout and design of your PDFs. You can provide us with your design preferences, style guidelines, and brand assets, and we’ll ensure that your PDFs reflect your brand identity, maintaining consistency and professionalism.
  3. Automation and Time Savings: Server-side PDF generation automates the process of document creation, saving you valuable time and reducing the risk of human error. Instead of manually creating PDFs each time new content is added, our service can generate PDFs on-demand, allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks.
  4. Versatility: Our server-side PDF generation service can be applied to various use cases. Whether you need product catalogs, marketing brochures, e-books, reports, or any other type of document, we have the flexibility to create PDFs tailored to your specific requirements.

Presenting information in a professional, easily shareable, and print-ready format is essential. With server-side PDF generation, you can take control of your content and deliver it in a visually appealing and brand-consistent manner.

WP Marketing Pro

WP Marketing Pro is a WordPress plugin developed by Web1776 that allows you to create business proposals in Microsoft Word format right from the WordPress Dashboard. 

Each proposal is made up of predefined templates. Proposal pages can contain a mix of manually entered content or content imported directly from posts and pages managed in WordPress. For example, team members can be imported into the proposal including name, bio and photo. Imported content can be customized to align with the focus of the proposal without altering the original content.

Proposals in WP Marketing Pro can be saved privately in the WordPress Dashboard, where they can be edited, revised or duplicated later. In addition, changes to a proposal are automatically saved as revisions that can be restored if necessary.

The design of proposals can be customized by our developers, including logo, fonts and colors. Many stock proposal page templates are provided, for example Cover Page, Case Study and Pricing Table, but our developers can code additional templates where required or customize stock templates.