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Bug Tracker

Our Bug Tracker provides a central place to report, track and manage project issues. Clients are able to quickly switch between individual projects, or view the latest activity across on all of their projects.

A few notable features our clients will love:

  • Issue Report Form - Simply fill out a form to report an issue. This guided approach ensures that we get all the relevant details to find and squash bugs.
  • Source Control Integration - All of our projects are in revision control using Git. Our bug tracker can automatically associate code changes with a particular issue in the bug tracker. This allows Web1776 developers to more easily collaborate on an issue to get it solved faster and more efficiently.
  • Email notifications - For example, receive an email the moment an issue has been resolved. Notification preferences can be customized per user.
  • File Attachments - Upload files, or paste a screenshot directly into the issue report.

Bug Tracker Client Guide

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Upload Files

When email doesn't cut it, our file upload tool allows clients to quickly send large files to us. There are no storage limits and Web1776 gets notified when new files have been uploaded.

Note: Although not required, it's appreciated if groups of related files are first archived (ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip, etc.) before transferring.

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